Here are some of David's topics.  (Many of these can adapted for either keynote or workshop presentations)

Personal Leadership Development
    * Developing a Servant Lifestyle
    * Finding and Following Your Life Vision
    * Keeping the Healer Healthy:
            Developing a Preventative Health Plan
    * How to Have Peak Performance Under Pressure in the Polis

Organizational Development
    * Board Organization & Responsibilities
    * Formulating the Organization's Vision and Mission
    * Retooling Congregations for the New Urban Realities
    * Questions to Ask Before Starting a Non Profit Organization
    * Steps for Starting a Non Profit Organization
    * Being Not-for-Profit Doesn't Mean No-Profit

Urban & Community Organizing
    * Biblical/theological Foundations for Urban Service
    * Worship and the Urban Church
    * Personal vs Social Gospel: Clues from the Sacraments
    * Empowering the Poor through Community Organizing
    * Building the Beloved Community:
            The Impact of Faith Based movements for Social Change
    * Discovering God's Vision for Your City
    * Essential Tools for Effective Urban Ministry
    * Steps to Combating Compassion Fatigue
    * How to Develop Holy Habits:
            Ancient Disciplines for the Post-modern, Urban World
    * Successfully Serving Your City

American History
    * Religion & Rebels: The Religious Life of Jesse James
    * America's Story Seen in Two Pairs of Brothers:
            Virgil & Wyatt Earp; Frank & Jesse James
    * America's Favorite Outlaws
    * America's Favorite Lawmen
    * America's Favorite Outlaws & Lawmen
    * Preserving Our Built Environment: Why and How?
    * Frontier America and It's Effect Today